Finnish sauna is known for its numerous healing features. Here Your can not only get a good steam, but also relieve stress, relax strained muscles after training or a hard day’s work, improve the body and just have a nice time. The main difference of the Finnish sauna is that the level of humidity does not exceed 10-15%. Otherwise there is no difference – the steam in the room is wet, and brooms are used in order to make a useful massage and saturate the body with moisture; massage with such brooms improves blood circulation, cleanses and tones the skin. It is known that sauna significantly affects the improvement of the body as a whole. Most bacteria and viruses die at this temperature, and damaged cells recover faster.

Sauna perfectly cleanses and rejuvenates the skin. The pores open, the skin is being cleaned of toxins, dirt, keratinized cells in sauna and with regular visits, skin becomes healthy and firm. In addition, the heat kills all microorganisms on the human body. Sauna also corrects innate skin imperfections. Dry skin becomes more elastic, oily, on the contrary – drier. The sauna has a beneficial effect on all skin types, bringing it back to normal and can prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles that occur due to the inhibition of the functions of the sebaceous glands. Especially great is the benefit of the sauna for the skin after fast weight loss or after pregnancy.


80 degrees

85-100 degrees